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Rimfire Marketing Agencies

Rimfire established in 1992, represents and markets industrial trade products to wholesale distributors throughout NSW.

By selecting a good range of compatible products and working closely with our customers, Rimfire supports our principals who import and manufacture an array of different industrial products.

End-users and retail businesses who are looking for new and innovative products come to us to solve a problem or add new products to their businesses.

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Rimfire Industrial Supply

Rimfire supports the supply of a vast range of tools, welding and industrial supplies to many retail and wholesale distributors.

Why Choose Us

As an Industrial Tool ‘Brokerage’ we get you the best tools for the job seamlessly.
We provide you with your supply solutions to increase your business easily and profitably.

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  • Quality Products
  • All Types of Tools
  • Cost Effective
  • Our Experience
  • Certified Company
  • Online Support

Our Company Products

We Provide all Kinds of Industry and Supply Solutions. This Increases Your ability to Find Just the Right Products.

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